The new collection has lots of different Pokémon! | Source: PopSockets/The Pop Insider

Gotta catch ‘em all — And use them to decorate your phone!

Fan-favorite Pokémon are coming to PopSockets for a new collection. The convenient smartphone grips now feature a number of popular Pokémon, ranging from Eevee to Gengar. With 59 different Pokémon products in the PopSockets store, there’s something for any Pokéfan. 

The new collection features both individual PopSockets and full decorative phone cases, which also have their own included PopSockets. Two of the Kanto region starters, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, get their own phone cases, as does the cute Eevee. If you’re noticing Charmander missing from that starter list, don’t worry! There is a PopWallet dedicated to the little fire Pokémon, while the Pokémon dance party phone case features Charmander, Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur all together. 

PopWallets are a great feature if you’d like a bit more than just a phone holder, and the Pokémon collection has a ton to choose from. They can hold cards and money in the back of your phone, and stick on just like a regular PopSocket. The PopWallets in this collection include fun options like one highlighting the Pokémon Chansey and another with a pixelized version of the Kanto starters, plus Pikachu. 

If you’ve already got a favorite phone case and just need a PopSocket to stick on the back of it, this collection has you covered. 

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The Bulbasaur Terrarium PopSocket features Bulbusaur sleeping next to terrarium cactuses and succulents. The Gengar enamel PopSocket glows in the dark, which is perfect for the ghost Pokémon. And if you want to show a general love for the brand, there is a Pokéball enamel PopSocket as well as a regular plastic option. The PopOut PopSockets are softer and have 3D pop-out elements. There is a Pikachu PopOut and an Eevee PopOut (pictured, top), which have popped-out versions of the Pokémon with backdrops — a cloudy night sky for Eevee and a rainbow for Pikachu. 

Make your phone trainer-worthy with a Pokémon PopSocket decorating its back! The collection is available now on the PopSocket online store.