Source: Buffalo Games

There’s something so addicting about fidget toys. You know the ones: They look like waffles full of colored bubbles that you can pop in and out. Buffalo Games is making fidget toys even cooler with new, licensed Pop It!s with a pop culture twist.

Stranger Things Pop It!s will debut exclusively at Target on April 17 ahead of Stranger Things Season 4’s debut on Netflix on May 27. The collection will include red Demogorgons and Eleven’s waffle with a bite taken out of it. Star Wars fans can look for a glow-in-the-dark Grogu Pop It! and a new red-and-black Darth Vader Pop It!, while Marvel fans can look for new colors for the Spider-Man and Iron Man Pop It!s, all launching exclusively at Target on March 27.

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Pop Its! are popular with both kids and adults as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. They’re also incredibly popular on TikTok, with the hashtag #popit approaching 15 billion views on the social media platform. So take a video of your Pop It!s and who knows, you might just go viral.