There are a lot of projects already on the way from POW! Entertainment, the multimedia company founded by the late Stan Lee. If shows and books featuring new characters created by Lee weren’t enough, there is also new Stan Lee merchandise on the way.

Today, POW! Entertainment announced that All American Licensing signed on to develop a full portfolio of products paying homage to the iconic comic creator. These products will be based on Lee’s name, likeness, signature, and/or famous phrases, such as “Excelsior!”

Stan Lee merchandise already generates $1 billion annually, but this new partnership will allow more companies to create product using POW! Entertainment’s existing style guides.

One of the company’s newest partners is Madame Tussauds, which will debut its first Stan Lee figure by early next year.

Tim Rothwell, a co-founding partner at All American Licensing, is also a former president of Marvel Entertainment Consumer Products Group, so he understands Lee’s global impact and legacy.

Gill Champion, president of POW! Entertainment, says, “We don’t have a strategy, we have a mission. And that is to ensure Stan’s iconic legacy lives on forever through his fans for generations to come. We’re thrilled to have partnered with the team at All American Licensing, and I have no doubt with their help we can achieve our mission.”

Photo: POW! Entertainment