The Maxx Steele and Wrecker figures | Nacelle Co.

Robo Force is back, in all its former ‘80s glory!

After launching its toy division last month, studio Nacelle Co. — the studio behind Netflix‘s The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us, and A Toy Store Near You — has unveiled the first wave of Toys in its Robo Force collectible action figure line. 

The Nacelle Co. previously announced that it had acquired Robo Force with plans to revitalize the property with a new television show, books, and merchandise, starting with the action figures created by eminent toy designer David Vonner.

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The line begins with fully articulated versions of Maxx Steele and Wrecker (pictured above). These collectibles are part of Nacelle’s Very Important Toy Line, which offers 7.5-inch figures that come in collector-friendly, window box packaging featuring artwork. The second wave of Robo Force figures — including Hun-Dred and SOTA — is set for presale later this year.

The Maxx Steele and Wreck figures will be available to preorder for $49.99 at Nacelle’s website on April 22.