Source: Rocklove

Black Widow is fierce, powerful, mysterious, and somehow always impeccably well put together for someone who is kicking bad-guy butt. Yesterday, Rocklove launched a jewelry collection inspired by this popular Marvel heroine, and the six fashionable pieces capture the character’s vibe perfectly.

The collection, modeled above by makeup artist Annie Thomas, incorporates both Black Widow spiders and the classic Black Widow hourglass silhouette (The one that’s been used heavily to promote the upcoming Black Widow movie, which maybe we will get to see someday? Who knows.)

Source: Rocklove

Fans can choose from three pairs of earrings in the collection: hoop earrings with the hourglass inside ($115), Black Widow spider earrings ($85), and hourglass earrings with red pavé crystals ($99). There are also two necklaces for $99 each. One features a Black Widow spider that matches the earrings and the other is an hourglass necklace that — you guessed it — also matches the earrings!

Finally, my personal favorite piece in the collection is the hourglass ring ($75), which Thomas is wearing above. The iconic insignia wraps around the finger with two sterling round wire ring bands.

Shop the whole collection here!