Source: Ruggable

Get ready to step in on to a galaxy far, far away with one of the coolest Star Wars home decor options to hit the market.

Ruggable, a company that makes washable floor rugs (yes, machine washable — perfect for anyone losing the battle against pet hair and/or kid spills) just dropped a line of Star Wars-inspired rugs.

There are 20 designs in the collection, and they are all so artistic and classy. Some of the designs are more overt nods to the fandom, like the Darth Vader Rug and The Rebellion Rug (which features the Millennium Falcon). Others, however, are so subtle that only sharp-eyed guests will notice the fandom undertones — the TIE Fighter Houndstooth design, for example.

The Rebellion and TIE Fighter Houndstooth designs. Source: Ruggable

Each design is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your home needs, including round, rectangular, and thin rectangular options. The prices range from $109 (3 by 5 feet) to $399 (8 by 10 feet).

Ruggables are made up of two parts, a base rug pad and a removable rug cover (that’s the part you can wash). If you already have a Ruggable rug at home and just want to switch up your look, you can also shop for a Star Wars cover only.

Fandom, fashion, and function? The force is certainly with this rug collection. Shop all of your options here! (FYI: Ruggable already has a Disney collection that you’ll 100% want to check out, too!)