Pieces made with the Lion Brand Schitt’s Creek Yarn | Source: Lion Brand Yarn Company/the Pop Insider

If you’ve seen even one episode of the popular series Schitt’s Creek, you know that the Rose family’s wardrobe — from Moira’s wigs and Johnny’s suits to David’s year-round sweaters — is one of the most iconic elements of the show.

Now, thanks to Lion Brand Yarn Company, fans can get their own David-style sweaters and Alexis-inspired cardigans without paying those designer prices or visiting The Blouse Barn.

Source: Lion Brand Yarn Company

Lion Brand has partnered with ITV Studios (global distributors of Schitt’s Creek) for an officially licensed product line. This includes a selection of yarns, all featuring an exclusive Schitt’s Creek label. The yarn options will include white, heather grey, blush, and (of course) jet black shades.

Crafty fans can use these yarns with a new selection of patterns for both adults and children, which all give detailed instructions for making clothes inspired by the show. Make some of David’s iconic patterned sweaters, create a bohemian cardigan that screams Alexis, or maybe knit a scarf that says “Ew, David.”

A “Rose Apothecary Exclusive” tag for knit projects | Source: Lion Brand Yarn Company

In addition to the yarns and patterns, this collection will offer matching merchandise, such as throw blankets and pillows. One of the sneak-peek images for this collection even features a leather “Rose Apothecary Exclusive” tag that I’m 100% planning to add to everything I ever knit.

This crafty lineup of merch will be available to purchase at the end of this year. For updates on the collection, watch lionbrand.com.