Photo: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (SNL) made Netflix’s original programming the butt of the joke in a recent sketch.

While some Netflix Originals are popular hits, especially Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, several others failed to entertain audiences.

The last episode’s parody commercial seemed way too real—although it took an exaggerated perspective on Netflix’s goal for 50 percent of its library to be original shows and movies.

In the sketch, an endless scroll is the streaming service’s goal. New shows and movies have already been added to the top by the time a viewer scrolls down to the very bottom of the Netflix library, “thus the singularity will be achieved,” the narrator says.

SNL played off of a few Netflix Originals plunders, including classic show reboots and shows that barely any viewers watch, after goofing that the company actually throws money at any show pitch.

Shots of a drama called Kenny Meade Depot followed with Kate McKinnon playing an elderly woman named Ruth—the only person who watches the show on its third season.

The SNL cast also played out a dark reboot of Family Matters with a dramatic spin called Officer Winslow. Kenan Thompson portrayed an alcoholic Carl Winslow, who threatened Steve Urkel with a gun. Of course, the scene was not complete without Carl yelling, “Why did I do that?”

SNL’s fake Netflix goes as far as streaming original series based off of their own. One in particular was Saved by the Crown—a high school sitcom/spin-off of The Crown—in which Claire Foy, host of the recent episode and lead of the actual Netflix show, reprised her role.

The sketch will definitely leave Netflix subscribers hoping the service doesn’t actually spin this out of control as it continues to limit the amount of licensed movies and TV shows it streams.

Netflix has more than 100 original movies and TV shows in its library for you to binge-watch, according to Uproxx.

h/t Screen Rant