Source: Super7

When you wish upon a star — Disney makes it happen.

The collectible company Super7 is expanding its Ultimates figure line with three retro Disney characters. These are promised to be the first collectibles in a larger magical collaboration.

Super7 is known for creating figures based on childhood-favorites, so a collab with Disney is exactly the kind of wish your heart may have made. The three figures that will start off the collaboration are based on the films Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Robin Hood (the cartoon, not the men in tights). We don’t currently know anything else as there hasn’t been much info released yet.

That doesn’t matter, though, just look at how beautiful each figure is.

Check back here for updates on how to preorder — or if you would like to know how much money I spent on buying every single one.


Super7 officially announced the collaboration in a press release today. The Ultimates Figures will cost $45 each or $135 as a set. Fans can preorder them here until Sept. 5.

Source: Super7

The lineup includes three beloved characters: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, and Prince John. Mickey is highly poseable and features three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, two water buckets, an animated broom, an axe, and the Sorcerer’s giant spellbook. Magical details on the figure include a real rope waistband.

Source: Super7

Pinocchio also features three interchangeable heads to show his nose progressively growing, interchangeable hands, Jiminy Cricket, a school book, an axe, an apple, Cleo’s fishbowl, Figaro the Cat, and a smart fabric vest with gold trim. Robin Hood’s villain Prince John includes three heads, interchangeable hands with and without the jewels on his rings, two versions of Sir Hiss, a vanity mirror, and a velvet robe with fur trim.

The collectibles company ended the announcement by saying it can’t wait to show fans what else they have in store. In the future, we may be able to expect collectibles based on Super7’s favorite Disney moments from film, TV, and the parks.