Source: Swarovski/the Pop Insider

Wonder Woman is iconic for so many reasons: her strength, her unyielding sense of right and wrong, her amazing combat skills, and her awesome sense of style. Swarovski is the latest company to launch a product line inspired by the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie, and it captures both the titular heroine’s style and strength, with the iconic Swarovski sparkle.

The new line launched this week, made up of 14 jewelry pieces inspired by Wonder Woman’s golden armor from the movie.

With prices ranging from $79 to $549, the line includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even a broach. Each piece is gold-toned and features a design that either incorporates the Wonder Woman logo or — for a more subtle tribute to the character — the wings from her new armor. The jewelry is also sub-divided into two collections: the general Swarovski x Wonder Woman pieces and higher-end Atelier Swarovski x Wonder Woman items.

One of the most impressive pieces in the collection, hands down, is the Fit Wonder Woman Cuff, which is literally covered in crystals. Other standout items include the Fit Wonder Woman Necklace, and the Fit Wonder Woman Double Ring (all pictured above).

Fans can shop the full, dazzling collection here!