Super7‘s newest ReAction Figures are straight out of 1985.

First seen at Toy Fair New York this past February, the title character from filmmaker Rod Daniel’s Teen Wolf gets the 3.75-inch treatment for a pair of new figures. Both figures come packaged on a vintage, Kenner-style ’80s card back with artwork from the movie poster featuring star Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard. Both figures are available for preorder now via Super7 and select retailers such as Entertainment Earth.

The Scott Howard Letterman Edition presents Beacontown High’s most famous alumnus in his classic blue-and-gold school jacket, wolfed-out and ready to ride the top of Styles’ Wolfmobile van with sunglasses and headphones.

The Scott Howard Varsity Edition is decked out to represent the Beacontown Beavers on the basketball court, and ready to score some high-flying dunks in the big game.

Bonus Fact: This isn’t the first time that a character played by Michael J. Fox has been turned into a ReAction Figure. Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly was an early entry in the line back when Super7 was partnered with Funko for ReAction Figure releases. The line was brought back in-house by Super7 in 2016.

Photos: Super7