Fester & It Dolls | Source: Mezco Toyz

Knock knock … it’s Uncle Fester and Cousin It. They came all the way from the Addams Family to set up shop in your Mezco Toyz display case!

The iconic, kooky, spooky family is introducing even more family members to Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls (LDD) Presents line. These relatives are designed in the likeness of their 2019 The Addams Family film appearance. The 10-inch Uncle Fester doll and the 5-inch Cousin It doll come packaged together in an Addams Family-themed window box.

Uncle Fester Doll | Source: Mezco Toyz

Featuring five points of articulation, the Uncle Fester doll takes on the countenance of his TV parent Jackie Coogan. His complete hairlessness; purple, sunken eyes; and creepy smile all make their way into the doll’s design. This Uncle Fester even comes in his long, black, faux fur coat with ghost button detailing. One could say this reincarnation of Uncle Fester is *electrifying.*

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Cousin It accompanies the Addams Family uncle, in all his hairy glory. Every inch of his all-plush body is covered in curved-tipped, brown hair, and he also dons a pair of his dark circular sunglasses and his dapper top hat from the show. Don’t try to peek underneath his hair, though: All you’d find anyway is “roots,” according to him.

The Addams Family Fester & It pack is available for pre-order at mezcotoyz.com for $80. The pack will be released next year, so keep your display case open and give them a warm welcome when they arrive!