Photo: Mattel

I am patiently waiting for a reboot of The Office in which the team has to work through the pandemic on Zoom. Dwight doesn’t get great Wi-Fi reception in his underground bunker, Michael keeps calling it the Chinese virus, Stanley pretends to be frozen whenever someone asks him a question, and Andy just keeps crying inconsolably — John Krasinski: Call me.

This may be a long way off, but on its way in July is the next best thing: The Office Uno from Mattel. The game features all your Dunder Mifflin favorites straight out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The cards feature ruled-paper backgrounds and pictures of your favorite coworkers.

Michael Scott was the obvious choice for the wild card, and he looks very concerned on the draw-four version. If you end up having to draw an outrageous number of cards you can always ask yourself what he would do. I imagine he’d probably say, “I am Beyonce always,” and throw his cards down — so I call doing that.

Players will have to drop all of their cards with the Kevin’s Famous Chili Rule. While I’m not really sure what happens next, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

The Office Uno can bring fun to your office parties for $5.99 — preorder it now at Entertainment Earth.