Photos: The Op

Puzzles have become a new national pass-time of sorts this spring, as the entire country is encouraged to stay home as much as possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

While picturesque landscapes or abstract patterns make for a great at-home puzzling experience, imagine how fun it would be to assemble a Golden Girls family portrait!

Photos: The Op

The Op, which also makes board games inspired by your fave fandoms, debuted five new puzzles this month, each featuring an image from a show or comics that you know and love. The new styles include the Golden Girls “I Heart Miami” puzzle, the Garbage Pail Kids “Yuck” puzzle, a Breaking Bad puzzle, the Joker “Clown Prince of Crime” puzzle, and the Harley Quinn “Die Laughing” puzzle.

Each of these puzzles is 1,000 pieces and costs only $14.99. Puzzle aficionados and beginners alike can find these puzzles at their local game store or (except for the “Yuck” puzzle) from The Op’s website.

Happy puzzling!