Photo: Disney

Your next visit to the happiest place on earth may require a bit more money and planning.

Walt Disney World recently released a new ticketing system, shifting from its dynamic pricing model (three pricing tiers) to a different price for each day of the year.

In addition to raising prices by about $5 to $7, this shift means guests have to know in advance which day(s) they will visit the park to determine cost. Guests have up to the night before they use their multi-day ticket to adjust the ticket’s starting date. All four parks also cost the same amount now, so a multi-day park ticket will be the same price no matter which park you visit each day.

Guests can get back the old multi-day ticket flexibility (not having to chose dates at time of purchase), for an additional fee of about $50 to $75 dollars.

Pricing for annual passes has also increased, with each tier going up $45.

These changes come in the midst of other Disney World price hikes: parking at the parks now costs $25, standard MagicBands increased to $14.99 each, and prices for snack foods and sodas all went up last week. Many of these changes are in likely in anticipation of crowds coming to visit Star Wars Land, which is set to open next year.

h/t: Travel and Leisure