Source: Entertainment Earth/the Pop Insider

It has been 15 months since new Marvel Cinematic Universe content graced our screens (but who’s counting? Not me.), and it seems like it will be many more months before we get to see Phase Four movies playing on the big screen.

However, Marvel fans do have one piece of MCU content to look forward to: WandaVision, the trippy Disney+ series starring Scarlet Witch and Vision, which is expected to debut some time before this year ends. And Funko just upped the hype by dropping seven Pop! figures inspired by the show!

As seen in the teasers and first official trailer for the show, WandaVision will follow the characters as they live through a variety of classic TV tropes and eras, which shows in the Pop! figures, too.

The figures take inspiration from three different eras. First, there are black-and-white ’50s figures of each character, including a chase variant of Vision. Then, there are figures of each character in Halloween costume versions of their classic comic book ensembles (pictured, top). Finally, there is a pair of ’70s-era figures, including a pregnant Wanda.

Most of the figures are available to preorder from Entertainment Earth for $10.99 each. ’70s Vision, however, is a GameStop exclusive.

The figures are expected to ship in November (GameStop) and December (Entertainment Earth)!