Anne Stokes Necklaces | Source: WYP Jewelry/the Pop Insider

The world of Anne Stokes’ art is an enchanting one, filled with dragons, fairies, unicorns, vampires, and countless other magical beings. And now, fans of this fantastical artist can add a bit of that fantasy to their fashion, thanks to two new pieces from What’s Your Passion Jewelry.

Available now, the new accessories are a Celtic Dragon Necklace ($125) and a Dragon Medal Necklace ($165). Each piece embodies Stokes’ designs and features a dragon in flight. Both necklaces are made with sterling silver and come inside a colletor’s box that doubles as a display for the jewelry.

The Dragon Medal Necklace features a round, black-and-silver medallion and comes on either a silver chain or a leather cord, while the Celtic Dragon Necklace is all silver and features a Celtic knot as the dragon’s body. Stokes also released a video that gives a closer look at both pendants.

The necklaces are available now from What’s Your Passion Jewelry. Other What’s Your Passion collections include jewelry inspired by Neopets, Marvel, and Jay and Silent Bob.