Avatar: The Last Airbender Youtooz | Source: Youtooz

Get ready to do some wallet bending.

The new Avatar: the Last Airbender collection from YouTooz is out now and features six (six!) characters from the popular animated series. Each figure is designed in YouTooz’ signature, chibi visual style and ready to add some fire, water, earth, air, or everything power to your collection.

The Aang figure cuddles his best pal, Momo, and wears his classic yellow-and-orange outfit. The figure is 4 inches tall and comes in a double-walled window box that features Aang, Appa, and a map of the four nations. A little bit larger at 4.5 inches, the Appa Standing figure is something I don’t know how I’ve gone my whole life without. The sky bison features his brown airbending tattoo on his forehead and shaggy white fur.

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If that’s not cute enough, the 3.4-inch Momo collectible is snacking on a moon peach. The lemur’s giant ears extend high above his head, while his tail curls out and around his body. 

The Momo and Katara figures in-box | Source: YouTooz/the Pop Insider

For something more powerful (but still adorable), the Toph, Katara, and Sokka figures each stand just shy of 4.5 inches tall. Toph moves the earth beneath her, while Katara sculpts the water around her. Sokka, on the other hand…. well, he’s busy declaring his love of cactus juice (It may just be the quenchiest collectible ever).

All of these ATLA figures are available for pre-order now from YouTooz. Aang is expected to ship in March and his friends will follow shortly after in June.