Bob Ross Happy Accidents and Bob Ross & Friends Figures | Source: Youtooz/the Pop Insider

Let’s build a happy little cloud… some happy little trees… a happy little Bob Ross collection

You heard that right, Bob Ross is getting the Youtooz treatment with two new collectible figures! Celebrate some good, spring vibes with the PBS painter that makes faces light up and hearts blossom.

The Bob Ross Happy Accidents figure (pictured above, right) is as magical as the man himself. Ross is sculpted atop a painted wave of the Northern night sky, wearing his classic blue jeans and button-up collared shirt. His friendly smile and classic apparel are also present for the Bob Ross & Friends figure (pictured above, left), but with a Disney princess-like twist: Bob is surrounded by smiling woodland creatures as he paints a nature landscape.

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These Bob Ross figures are about 5 inches tall and will cost $29.99 each. They also come in their own themed, double-walled, and intricately designed showcase boxes. For instance, the Bob Ross Happy Accidents box features dark, watercolor-style illustrations, while the Bob Ross & Friends box has a beautiful waterfall scene that would make Bob himself smile in delight.

Youtooz previously released two Bob Ross figures — Bob Ross and 12-inch Bob Ross x Hand Over the Hero — last June. Both are sold out, so be sure to grab these new styles when they’re available for preorder, starting on April 16 at!