Source: Jazwares/The Pop Insider

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene — literally!

Jazwares just expanded its Zōteki collectibles line with collections inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Marvel’s X-Men.

Each Zōteki collectible features a 4-inch character (or characters) in an action pose, standing on a detailed base. When fans collect multiple characters, they can snap the bases together to form a diorama-style display! In the case of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the characters recreate the movie’s opening sequence (pictured above). The new X-Men collectibles will form a scene inspired by the cover of 1991’s “X-Men No. 1.”

Source: Jazwares

There are six base characters to collect for each of the new lines, along with a mystery chase variant for each.

The Nightmare Before Christmas fans can choose from Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero and Wolfman, Harlequin Demon and Mummy Boy, the Mayor, and Behemoth, while X-Men collectors can get Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, Colossus, or Jean Grey.

Each of these collectibles will cost $7.99, and fans can find them later this month exclusively in Target stores.