This year’s Star Wars Black Series Holiday Collection has six new figures. | Source: Hasbro/The Pop Insider

No matter how frightful the weather outside gets this holiday season, the new Star Wars Black Series holiday figures will always be delightful.

It’s that time of year again: Some of your Star Wars faves are getting a festive makeover for Hasbro’s Black Series. This year, there are six new figures in the series with a holiday twist. Each figure also comes with a festive companion and an accessory. 

The First Order Stormtrooper figure is decked in green with red-and-white accents that look like striped leggings and comes with a red mouse droid. The Mandalorian, who comes with a bogling, and the Scout Trooper figure, who comes with Grogu, are both wearing sweaters that would easily win an annual ugly sweater contest. 

The Phase II Clone Trooper has been gingerbread-ified and carries around a porg wearing a little Santa jacket. A red, white, and green protocol droid figure dons a winter scarf (even though droids can’t feel the cold). Finally, and perhaps the most fitting, there is a Wookiee figure who has been turned into a yeti for this new collection. 

All six figures come in special packaging for the season. The box is all white, decorated with red lettering and white snowflakes. There is also a to/from label on the side of the box so you can deliver the figure to your favorite collector. 

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The six figures will be sold as exclusives across several retailers. The First Order Stormtrooper will be open for preorder from Amazon starting on Oct. 25, while the Mandalorian will be available on Nov. 16 at Target. On Nov. 1, the Scout Trooper will be available at Walmart and the Phase II Clone Trooper will be available from shopDisney and Hasbro Pulse. The protocol droid figure will drop at BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth on Nov. 1, when the Wookiee will arrive at GameStop. These figures will cost $27.99 each.

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