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The Royal Wedding is approaching and you know what means— it’s time to celebrate true love and shell out all our hard-earned Ben Franklins on merchandise we have absolutely no use for, that commemorates a couple we’ll probably never be fabulous/famous enough to meet. That’s capitalism, baby ?.

But before you go donning Prince Harry and Meaghan T-shirts and oversized pins come Saturday, you might want to take a peek at some of the unique souvenirs surfing the web right now—they are the complete definition of outside the box! Manufacturers went above and beyond to deliver some pretty out-of-the-ordinary merch for the special occasion. Let’s take a look at how true love was exploited for profit. Any of these items catch your attention?

Wedding Rings Cereal

If you need a cereal with more fiber, you’re going to have to ask your doctor. But if you need some crunchy miniature rings honoring the royal couple, there’s Wedding Rings from politicalcereals.com.

Harry & Meghan Coloring Book

If you’re sad AF because they’re in love, and you’re alone, use this coloring book to de-stress. Or gift it to a child who may or may not know who they are. Get this at Barnes & Nobles.

Meghan and Harry Heritage Condoms

Let Prince Harry and Meghan protect you from STDs and unwanted babies. Get this from Crown Jewels Heritage Condoms.


Prince Harry Bathing Suit

Jealous of Meghan? It’s okay, just wear Prince Harry on your naked, wet body. Get this personalized bathing suit at bagsoflove.com.

Harry and Meghan Marmite

I heard if you put this honey in your tea, nothing special will happen. (Sold at wherever you can purchase personalized jars of Marmite, allegedly).

Harry and Meghan PEZ Dispensers

“Hold on, I gotta grab a PEZ from inside Meghan’s plastic body.” (We’re trolling you with this one, because they only made one and you can’t even buy it anymore ?.)

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