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Set your own path with these incredible Star Wars goods, all Snips-approved!

Ahsoka Tano is the beloved Force-user and previous padawan of Anakin Skywalker. Though her mentor is perhaps more infamous, Ahsoka has carved her own way as a character through appearances in the animated series Star Wars: The Clones Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Now, she’s getting her own show with Ahsoka debuting on Disney+ this Aug. 23. Any debut deserves merch to go along with it, so grab your lightsaber (and your wallet) and fight for your favorites!

No collection is complete without figures of your favorite character! Ahsoka has plenty to choose from, including action figures in Hasbro’s Black Series as well as its Vintage Collection featuring the character in a variety of styles across timelines. Fans can also get detailed statues and busts from Gentle Giant for display pieces that will truly pop, as well as other collectibles from FigPin, New Zealand Mint, Corksicle, Beeline Creative, and shopDisney.

Maybe just a figure to display isn’t enough for you if you also want to show your love for Ahsoka when you’re out and about. Luckily, RockLove and Heroes & Villains have you covered with apparel and accessories inspired by the Jedi. Get necklaces, earrings, and rings from RockLove for bling from a galaxy far, far away. Heroes & Villains has bomber jackets, bags, and more, all as stylish as Ahsoka’s own outfits. There is also new apparel, accessories, and additional merch from Her Universe, DC Shoes, Funko, BoxLunch, and Rock Em Socks.

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Ahsoka will be dropping on Disney+ on Aug. 23, much to the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere. While you wait for the release date, you can get your favorite goodies and have a closet and collection ready!

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