The Amazon Jurassic Park store has offerings for old and new fans alike. | Source: Amazon

In celebration of the original Jurassic Park movie’s 30th anniversary, fans can travel back in time at the “Step into Jurassic Park” experience at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC). From July 21-22, fans will have an opportunity to walk through the park’s inconic gates and interact with their favorite dinosaurs during this two-day experience at Luce Cielo in downtown San Diego.

At the free event, fans will also have a chance to explore an interactive Amazon product showcase at the Visitor’s Center. Amazon will provide shoppable QR codes to allow fans to quickly order their favorite items from the Amazon Jurassic Park store.

The Amazon Jurassic Park store features a wide selection of toys, apparel, accessories, and more. Fans can buy Amazon exclusive products like the Loungefly Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Mini-Backpack ($90), Loungefly Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Wallet ($40), and Loungefly Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary 4-Piece Pin Set ($25), or the Transformers Dilophocon x Autobot JP12 action figures from Hasbro ($74.99). 

Amazon is also offering new building sets from LEGO that feature dinosaurs, minifigures of Jurassic Park characters, and moments from iconic film scenes. Bandai Namco taps into even more nostalgia with its Tamagotchi Nano x Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary ($30.53), which allows fans to take care of their own dinosaurs, watch scenes from the movie, and play three different games. 

For those fans heading to SDCC, Amazon’s collection also includes T-shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies, bags, and more apparel. Fans can even dress up with the latest  Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Grant costumes ($39.99 each). 

Collectors can gather their own artifacts with anniversary collectibles like prop replicas of Dennis Nerdy’s license plate ($30.91) and John Hammond’s cane ($52). The Jurassic Park Welcome Kit ($49.12) includes dino souvenirs, badge pins, and visitor passes. 

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The Amazon Jurassic Park store also includes home decor featuring designs that honor the 1993 film. This collection includes pillows, blankets, mugs, tote bags, and more. For the full Jurassic Park collection, visit

For fans at SDCC without a reservation to the event, a standby line will be provided for attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis on both days from 2-7 p.m. PT. 

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