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On Friday, Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA opened to the public. One of the main attractions is the reimagined Incredicoaster in lieu of fan-favorite California Screamin’. This coaster takes guests on a super adventure with the Parr family to chase after an escaped Jack-Jack. Babies, amiright?

Now I don’t want to give the whole ride away, but I will set the scene—and below you can watch the ride in full from a rider’s perspective! The backstory goes a little like this: Guests will enter the world of The Incredibles as they board. In Municiberg, citizens are celebrating the inaugural launch of the Incredicoaster, dedicated to the Parr family. Unfortunately, Edna and Jack-Jack are too short to ride this coaster and have to sit out while the rest of the family rides. But then, Jack-Jack gets away from Edna ? and so the story begins. Before you know it, Dash sprints into action in an attempt to catch Jack-Jack, launching guests on the adventure with him!

During this ride, fans will encounter their favorite characters from the franchise and follow them in their attempts to rescue wittle Jack-Jack. Will they be able to catch him before the ride ends? Here’s a full point-of-view of the ride!

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