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The iconic actress is reportedly in talks to join the MCU as a godlike being for the upcoming adaptation of The Eternals.

According to Variety, should Marvel and Angelina Jolie finalize contracts and confirm casting, this would mark the fierce star’s first venture into the superhero realm.

Details about Jolie’s potential character and the film in general aren’t available yet; however, Chloe Zhao (The Rider, Songs My Brother Taught Me) is attached to direct the flick, penned by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, Marvel announced back in September.

First created in 1976 and set millions of years ago, The Eternals tells the story of cosmic beings known as Celestials. They genetically experimented on humans to create the Eternals and Deviants, superpowered heroes and villains who have battled each other throughout history.

With news of this potential monumental casting for the godlike, Marvel being, fans are — understandably — going nuts on social media.

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