arcade1up pinball

arcade1up pinball

Arcade1Up is ready to take all of your quarters this year, unveiling an exciting slate of new home arcade machines this week at CES.

(ICYMI, the company also announced a limited-edition Burger Time machine earlier in the show.)

Arcade1Up’s Scott Bachrach showed off a bunch of new products to CNET yesterday during a livestream from the show. The first new machine is a new direction for the brand: digital pinball! The machines will be available in Star Wars and Attack from Mars themes, feature 10 different games each, and will retail for around $600 starting in the third quarter. The machines’ haptic feedback makes players feel as if they’re using a mechanical machine.

Some of the new offerings are getting tiny — even smaller than Arcade1Up’s Countercade machines. There are games, including Frogger, in the size and mold of Coleco’s original miniature arcade machines that are scheduled for release in May. There are also Micro Consoles — miniature replicas of classic gaming consoles, such as a retro Atari. They come with a tiny TV, are preloaded with games, and will be available in the third quarter.

Next, NBA Jam is getting a new-age twist, with a limited release around Fathers’ Day and a wider release in the fall. The four-player arcade cabinet features art and controls from the classic game, but it also has online capability so that users can play together across machines. This feature won’t add any additional cost or a subscription fee.

Perhaps the most unique new product is a massive Pac-Man joystick, appropriately called the “Jumbo Joystick.” It is a plug-and-play machine that features an HDMI cord. It is designed so that players can sit on the floor in front of the joystick and play 20 retro Namco games. There will also be an Atari version.

Other reveals include an anniversary Pac-Man machine, a seated version of the Star Wars cabinet, Frogger and Golden Axe: Venture cabinets, and updated versions of some of the original Arcade1Up machines. Stay tuned for official images and purchasing information, and check out the CES livestream below to see some of these new games in action!

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