Arthur the Aardvark and Buster collectible figures | Source: Youtooz/the Pop Insider

Arthur the Aardvark and his buddy Buster are making the leap from ‘90s-kid TV icons and Twitter meme stars to must-have collectibles, with two new figures from Youtooz.

The Arthur figure is seated at a baby grand piano and measures 4.5 inches tall. The sculpt is so detailed that you can see every piano key and the pedals, too. He comes dressed in his classic attire and wearing headphones that are plugged into a CD player, and you know there’s a fire mixtape inside, right? The window-box packaging even features instructions on the best way to consume a friend’s mixtape.

His BFF Buster stands 5 inches tall and is ready to snap some pictures around Elwood City, with a camera slung over his shoulder. Buster is dressed in orange-and-white sneakers, brown pants, and a mauve sweater. And he must have something in his sights, with his shades tilted down for a better view. The interior lining of his window-box packing is inspired by the inside of his classroom, combined with artistic elements from the original Arthur theme song.

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Both figures are packaged in a protective outer sleeve with an embossed matte finish. They retail for $29.99 each and will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, Feb. 12, at 3 p.m. ET. These figures are scheduled to ship in the first two weeks of June.

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