Show off your Barbie style with these iconic accessories. | Source: The Ugly Dukling Beauty

Life in plastic is fantastic… but life in 40 inches? Now that’s living, honey. What better way to honor the plastic queen herself than to embrace all the extra. Calling on all members of the Barbie world to pull off their lashes and get a real good look at this new, licensed beauty collection (don’t worry you can put on better ones after).

Ugly Dukling Beauty, a brand known for collaborating with iconic films and celebrities, is bringing the Barbie world to the ring light with a new line of hair extensions, wigs, eyelashes, jewelry, and more inspired by the fashion queen herself. 

The lashes range from classic to extra, pictured here are 10th Anniversary (left) and Barbie + Ken (right) styles. | Source: Ugly Dukling Beauty/ The Pop Insider

The 3D mink lashes are handmade and come in styles ranging from classic to oh-so extra, from 18-25 mm. Fans can also decide between magnetic or glue-style lashes. Ugly Dukling Beauty displays these lashes on a classic vintage drawing of Barbie for a flashback with a fashionista twist, and they range from $25-40, depending on the style. 

The pony tail collection features a large range of colors and lengths, pictured here are Barbie Blonde (left) and Siren Red (right). | Source: Ugly Dukling/ The Pop Insider

Ugly Dukling Beauty is also debuting Barbie-inspired wrap ponytails, in lengths ranging from 16-26 inches. These 100% virgin human hair extensions will give 1959 signature Barbie in minutes. Available in themed shades — including  “Malibu Blonde,” “Siren Red,” and “1959 Debut Barbie Black”, it’s easy to find a match and create a seamless look. The luxury ponytails start at $315 and can go up to $425, depending on the length. Ugly Dukling will also release a collection of hair extensions and wigs called Totally Hair Barbie, featuring doll-like lengths from 40-60 inches in twelve hairstyles and sixty colors.  

Other beauty products in this collection include jewelry, hair pendants, press-on nails, and clips. The Ugly Dukling Beauty x Barbie jewelry collection includes Y2K-esque hoops with the classic Barbie logo inside. The collection also features hair accessories and pendants with Barbie insignia in either gold or silver plating. The earrings, hair pendants, and ponytail holders range from $45-75. 

Accessories like ponytail holders and earrings all include the iconic Barbie logo. | Source: Ugly Dukling Beauty

From dressing up our Barbie dolls to dressing ourselves as Barbie dolls, this new collection embraces the fabulous fantasy that Barbie taught us as kids. That is, cultivating a unique style and cherishing each other’s differences creates a colorful (and particularly pink) world. 

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A portion of the proceeds this collection will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada to support sick children and their families. Because even though Barbie’s heart is made of plastic… ours isn’t. 

This collection is available now, exclusively on The Ugly Dukling Beauty website. Fans can also check out this collection in person this fall at Ugly Dukling’s first luxury hair extension boutique in Toronto’s department store, The Bay.

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