A batch of new coins from New Zealand Mint celebrate geeky goodness in monetary form. Soon, fans can collect coins inspired by Batman ‘66 and Harry Potter — or spend if they happen to live in the island nation of Niue.

The Batman ‘66 coins celebrate the campiness of the classic series with two different silver, 1-ounce coins. Fans can choose between Batman or the Penguin (each pictured above). The hero is depicted doing his Batsui dance behind the words to the beloved tune, “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na…” (sorry, that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day now). Meanwhile, the villain is standing proudly alongside one of his more memorable catchphrases. Both are in full color with bright purple shining throughout.

The coins in the Batman collection go for $85 each. They will be available on Dec. 9 and are packaged in a box that shows off the more iconic Batman images, such as the bat signal.

The Harry Potter coins are just the beginning of the New Zealand Mint’s collaboration with the wizarding series. The company says the coin — designed with Hogwarts in its full, elegant glory — will be the first of many years the Boy Who Lived-themed coins. This first coin is available in 1-ounce silver, 1/4-ounce gold, or 1-ounce gold. The Harry Potter coins range from $89-2,700 and will be available on Dec. 16. The coins are packaged in a wooden coin case and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

All coins are engraved with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. This makes them legal tender, but only in Niue — a self-governing nation that is in free association with New Zealand. Basically, that just means it can choose to have currency with Pokémon on it, but it still has to adhere to New Zealand’s standards.

Batman coins are limited to 1,966 available worldwide, while the Harry Potter ones range from 250 to 5,000, depending on which metal you choose.

Photos: New Zealand Mint

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