The Modular Utility Grapnel Set has everything you need to start your crime-fighting career. | Source: Paragon FX

We’ve talked about Paragon FX and its incredible movie replicas before, but the ’89 Batman: Modular Utility Grapnel Set deserves even more individual attention. 

This collectible is a replica of the Grapnel gun, originally used in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. Though it’d be hard to imagine Batman now without this hand blaster, Batman often used a Batarang to get around prior to Burton’s film. Now, his Grapnel gun has become an iconic piece of the character’s prolific gadget collection. 

This replica is made to satisfy even the most discerning collector. | Source: Paragon FX

The replica set includes a hand unit, a Grapnel utility attachment, a dart/grapnel hook, a bolo attachment, and a custom case to put all the equipment away when you’re done embodying the Caped Crusader. The Grapnel dart and bolo aren’t able to actually be launched (so no grappling to the top of buildings with this set) but they do look incredibly accurate to their movie appearance and will make any collection stand out. 

The set includes multiple attachments to the base Grapnel gun. | Source: Paragon FX

The gun and Paragon FX Group’s other collectibles mark an effort to make merchandise specifically for adult collectors. Other Batman offerings include the Replica Bat Glyph from 2022’s The Batman and a Bat Shield that is currently in development, based on the 1960s tv series.

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Batman’s iconic mode of transportation can be in your hands, with reserve orders now accepted on the Paragon FX Group website and DC online shop. Though we can’t recommend attempting to use this replica to swing from building to building, it will make you feel just a bit more like Batman when you have it!

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