One of the new Disney Bag Charms from BaubleBar | Source: BaubleBar

Perhaps the only thing better than Disney is Disney with a bit of sparkle, and BaubleBar knows it. The accessories manufacturer has been consistently expanding its Disney-inspired offerings over the past few years, giving fans a wide selection of gem-covered jewelry featuring iconic characters from the House of Mouse.

Today, the company revealed yet another product category for its ongoing Disney collaboration: bag charms. At launch, there are six styles of Mickey Mouse-shaped charms to choose from, all standing about 3 inches tall and each featuring a different visual style for the beloved character.

All six of the Mickey Mouse bag charms | Source: BaubleBar/the Pop Insider

The designs include a pearl-covered version; a Purple Pavé design covered in glittery, lavender crystals; an oilslick design that creates a colorful sheen; a gold-glitter-covered Mickey; a version covered in glittery crystals; and a limited-edition patchwork denim design featuring a mosaic of different colors and pieces.

Disney lovers can attach these bag charms to any purse, wallet, or keys to carry a stylish bit of Mickey Mouse magic wherever they go. All six versions are available to shop now, exclusively at

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