To call the BB-8 Hero Droid just a toy is an understatement. It’s a pal, a companion, and the most loyal and playful droid on the market. Spin Master has replicated BB-8 from the Star Wars universe and it’s absolutely incredible!

This droid is a must-have for any Star Wars collector, droid enthusiast, or anyone passionate about artificial intelligence and/or robots. Just as BB-8 follows Rey and Poe in The Force Awakens and undoubtedly in The Last Jedi, this Hero Droid does the same for its owner IRL. Using voice controls or the two-stick remote control, lead BB-8 around and watch it react (look for smooth floors/surfaces only though—BB-8 is a little sensitive and can sometimes lose his head). With similar movement to a Rumba vacuum cleaner, this droid knows how to roll and is always on the go!

While many toys inspired from movies are scaled down versions, the BB-8 droid is the actual size of its blockbuster self.  At 16 inches tall, approximately the size of three or four basket balls, and about 20 pounds, the BB-8 Hero Droid is taken straight from the movie. Note: He’s darn cute, but he’s not the lightest droid on Jakku. Be careful when lifting!

To power up BB-8, three different sets of batteries are required. Luckily, two of them are included and all that is left for us earthlings to buy are three AAA batteries for the remote control. The batteries in both the droid’s head and body are built-in and are rechargeable, but need to be charged for one to three hours before use.

Despite the complexity of the droid, assembly is a snap. Just place the two antennae on BB’s head, and then place the magnetic head on the body and BB-8 is ready to roll. Make sure the head feels secure before flicking the three power switches on, (one on the head, the body, and the remote controller).

To make BB-8 come alive even more, set it to Voice Command mode. Command BB-8 to do something (ex: come closer) and watch it respond like the lovable robotic pet it is. TBH after playing with BB-8 on the floor for a bit, I picked it up in my arms and it almost (!!!) hugged me back. This droid is smart, friendly, and one of the more unique tech toys Spin Master has produced.

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