Belle’s compact is decorated with a rose and is made to look like a stained-glass window. | Source: Bésame Cosmetics

Somebody must have wished upon a star because Bésame Cosmetics is blessing us with a ton of new Disney products!

Recently, Disney announced its Ultimate Princess Celebration, a celebration to honor its strong, empowering female characters. Through music, experiences, products, and more, this campaign highlights the amazing lessons that Disney Princesses have taught fans over the years.

Bésame is the newest company to join this campaign, offering a stunning collection of refillable compacts inspired by everyone’s favorite heroines. For the next six months, buyers can get ready for twelve magical makeup products. Each compact is filled with highlight powder, comes in its own collectible box, and is paired with a Princess lipstick that is an exact match to the ink color used on the character’s lips in the animation art. These pairs, which retail for $125 each, are truly made for a princess — they are super exclusive. Bésame Cosmetics will only release 500 units of each design and they will not be restocked.

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Everyone’s favorite book nerd Belle is the first princess to be featured in this Bésame Cosmetics collection, and her compact-lipstick duo is launching on June 29. Belle’s compact features the beautiful, enchanted rose she found hidden in Beast’s West Wing, surrounded by enamel to mimic the colorful stained-glass windows in his castle. Her name is engraved beside the mirror inside (which unfortunately isn’t enchanted) and the powder is a shimmery gold, just like her gorgeous ballgown in the film.

The remaining styles in this collection are Mulan (July 13), Ariel (July 27), Aurora (Aug. 10), Jasmine (Aug. 24), Cinderella (Sept. 7), Pocahontas (Sept. 21), Rapunzel (Oct. 5), Merida (Oct. 19), Tiana (Nov. 2), Moana (Nov. 9), and Snow White (Nov. 16).

If you want to keep an eye out for the next styles or to snag the set inspired by your favorite princess, make sure to check

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