Anyone who’s seen an episode of Black Mirror knows how terrifying it can be—which is why it would take some nerves of steel to play a board game based on the Netflix original series.

Now, fans can put their nerves to the test with the first-ever social board game inspired by the show, from Asmodee Group.

The game is called Nosedive, modeled after the Black Mirror episode of the same name starring Bryce Dallas Howard. In the episode, Howard lives in a social media obsessed world where people rate each other with one to five stars based on their daily interactions. Their star rating determines their social status and some people—including Howard’s character—become dangerously obsessed with doing whatever it takes to raise their rating.

Nosedive is designed for teens ages 13 and up, and can be played with three to six players. Players are challenged to create the “perfect” life, and will collect lifestyle cards while avoiding any dings to their social score. The game play takes approximately 45 minutes and includes more than 1,000 experiences integrated with the free Nosedive smartphone app available on iOS and Android.

The game launches at Target nationwide, both in stores and online, for $19.99 on Nov. 25.

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