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I choose you, new Pokémon outfits!

Blackmilk knows its way around pop culture collabs, with previous collections featuring Sailor Moon, Sanrio characters, The Witcher, and more. The company has also released multiple Pokémon collabs, but now it’s back with another that is full of bold, stylish apparel and accessories featuring fan-favorite creatures.

With a wide variety of tops to choose from, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down! The Pikachu Corset Top, Magikarp BBQ Shirt, and Eevee Evolution BFT will make sure you have a Pokémon shirt for any and every occasion.

There’s a whole pile of new Pokémon pants as well. The Pokémon Faces Leggings are made from stretchy fabric guaranteeing a comfy fit, the Eevee Evolution Cargo Pants make sure you’ll blend in when you’re hunting for Eevee, and the Ditto Cuffed Shorts feature a repeat pattern of the charming purple Pokémon.

Dresses and full-body ‘fits are part of this collection as well! The Lapras Waves Playsuit, for example, is made from a shiny, stretchy Luxe fabric and is perfect for hot summer weather. The Grass-Type Apron Dress features a collection of forest-y Pokémon in an all-over pattern. And the Stained Glass Eevee Midaxi Dress is flowing and beautiful, decorated with all the evolutions of the adorable Pokémon.

Finally, the new collection has some warmer weather clothes and a few accessories. Fans of the underdog Magikarp will love to see its evolution featured in the Gyarados Gold Bomber Jacket. Those who want to get in the Halloween mood early with some ghost types should grab the Gastly Evolution Long Sleeve. And you can fit all your favorite ‘fits in the Poké Ball Gym Bag, which features a repeating Poké Ball pattern and the BlackMilk logo!

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The new Blackmilk collection is available now on the company’s official website. Head over soon to be the first to catch them all, as some items are limited edition! This has been just a sampling of everything trainers can browse, so head to the shop page to see all your options and be the very best in fashion.

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