Deadheads everywhere are about to get blazed!

Blazy Susan is a company known for its variety of quality smoking accessories. Founded in Colorado in the midst of the beginnings of the state’s cannabis industry, the brand offers everything from papers to grinders and more. A countercultural brand can’t resist a collab with a countercultural band, so it’s no surprise to see Blazy Susan teaming up with the Grateful Dead for a full collection of premium smoking accessories.

The collection includes slow-burning rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, trays, and grinders. Blazy Susan’s rolling papers and cones are vegan and boast having no aftertaste. The new trays and grinders feature custom art with the Grateful Dead’s iconic bears and bright, trippy colors. That’s not all that will be featured, either! The company is also planning to release Grateful Dead spinning rolling trays, so keep your eyes on the collab page for future releases.

The Grateful Dead was active from 1965-1995, but its impact on culture and music goes beyond the years it played. The rock band was known for its unique style with a mix of various genres, as well as its devoted fanbase.

The new Blazy Susan Grateful Dead collection is available now on the Blazy Susan online store. Embrace your inner Deadhead and get nostalgic for one of the most influential jam bands in history, and have the perfect smoking goods for your next night of chilling and music-listening!

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