I love a good plush toy. You can cuddle it, and you can decorate your space with it. And since it comes in different characters from your favorite franchises, it’s a perfect, fun piece of merch for any fan.

Uncanny Brands has created a lineup of plush characters perfect for your fandom — whatever it is — with its Bleacher Creatures collection. The line includes plush characters from the NBA, NHL, and WWE, as well as sports mascots, Marvel heroes, and historical and political figures.

RBG Plush
The Notorious R.B.G.: Ruth Bader Ginsberg 10-inch Plush Figure

Just like the Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) plush figure that was featured in our holiday gift guide, Bleacher Creatures has a whole plush collection dedicated to iconic characters and real-life heroes. The Marvel range has characters based on Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Groot, and even Goose. Then, other collections focus on professional athletes and peppy team mascots, each wearing a matching jersey.

Bob Ross The Happy Painter 10-inch Plush Figure

The licensed characters feature authentic details, just like characters by which they were inspired. Each character is dressed in its iconic look, such as Spider-Man’s web-slinging suit, a Clippers basketball uniform, and even Bob Ross’ signature ‘fro and artist’s palette.

bleacher creatures
Chicago Blackhawks Bundle: Mascot Tommyhawk and Jonathan Toews 10-inch Plush Figures

Characters are either 8 inches or 10 inches tall, making them the perfect size for a desk companion or a much-needed snuggle pal. The 10-inch figures (NHL player and mascot pictured above) are made of polyester fabric and have flat feet to stand on their own on your shelf. There’s also 8-inch Kuricha sitting plush inspired by Japanese chibi artwork (Groot pictured top). The chibi-inspired plush features soft-filled fabric stuffed with beans to stay balanced when it’s sitting upright. While the plush figures are not posable, you’ll get over that as soon as you give them a cuddle.

Photos: Uncanny Brands

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