One winner will get to take family and friends to the last Blockbuster in existence. | Source: Big Potato Games

The last Blockbuster store and Big Potato Games are bringing a love for nostalgia and movies to one lucky winner of their new contest collaboration celebrating the launch of the Blockbuster Trilogy game.

As other Blockbusters across the country shut down in response to pressures such as the availability of movie streaming, one store in Bend, Oregon became the last Blockbuster standing as of 2019. It is still there today as the final video rental store with the Blockbuster name. 

Blockbuster and Big Potato Games have collaborated to release three separate party games in a newly combined box set, all of them honoring the nostalgia that the Oregon Blockbuster location keeps alive. Blockbuster, Blockbuster and Chill, and Blockbuster Returns are all tons of fun for any film buff.

In Blockbuster, the original game from Big Potato Games, four or more players can play movie trivia while doing charades. Blockbuster and Chill is a two-player game in which one player tries to guess the other’s secret movie. Blockbuster Returns is a sequel to the Blockbuster game that can even function as an expansion with new categories. The whole trilogy of games is available for $27.99 on Amazon, and to celebrate the box set’s release, the companies are holding a contest to win a party and game night in the last Blockbuster store. 

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The contest winner will have the opportunity for an exclusive private viewing within the Oregon store on Nov. 12. The winners also get to invite four of their closest friends and family to come with them with $3,000 to cover flights and accommodations. Blockbuster and Big Potato Games will also provide food, drinks, the trilogy game set, and a large TV for the perfect night of movie binging and gaming

The contest page is up now on Big Potato Games’ website and is open to entries until Oct. 30 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Movie fans will want to get their entries in soon to give themselves the chance to have the ultimate Blockbuster experience!

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