BoxLunch is launching tons of new products for Mother’s Day! | Source: BoxLunch

For many kids, moms (or maternal figures) are the first ones to introduce Disney movies, Star Wars, and other iconic franchises into their lives. BoxLunch is celebrating those moms this Mother’s Day with a new collection of merchandise.

Moms can add some magic to their baking with Disney Princess baking supplies! | Source: BoxLunch

There is something in this collection for every type of Disney mom. Moms who like to bake and show their love through the kitchen will think that the Disney Princess measuring spoons, silicone spatulas, and storage jars are the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. 

Moms who like to match outfits with their kids will also like the kids’ Disney Princess rompers, which can match with a selection of crewneck sweatshirts and smock dresses. Some of the featured princesses include Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, and Moana

Some other highlights to the Mother’s Day collection include enamel pins featuring Nani and Lilo and Moana and her mom, a Loungefly mini backpack that features Disney Princesses looking out their windows and off into the distance, all sorts of mugs and other drinkware, and even a storage box disguised as a Beauty and the Beast book. 

Star Wars moms can also feel the Force of your love with merch, including Darth Vader and Princess Leia color-blocked T-shirts, a green gingham dress featuring Grogu, and more. 

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BoxLunch’s complete Mother’s Day collection also features merch from other fandoms, including Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, and Studio Ghibli. The collection is available in stores and online now. Getting your mom something from this collection practically ensures you’ll be the favorite child (for at least a little bit).

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