Luna Lovegood Button Down Dress, Every Flavor Bean Button Up Dress, and Hermoine Collared Dress | Source: Cakeworthy/the Pop Insider

What’s sweeter than a cauldron cake and cooler than a cloak of invisibility? Cakeworthy’s new Harry Potter apparel and accessories, of course!

The company is bringing some accio action to its existing Wizarding World collection (which debuted last October, offering Hogwarts house flannels) with sweeter additions. The new items spotlight two iconic ladies from the Harry Potter series: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. Both characters inspired lettered flannels, dresses, and more that fans can wear to show off their wizarding pride!

For Gryffindor’s leading lady, there is a collared dress printed with tiny icons of the time-turner, her Yule Ball gown, polyjuice potions, and more against a light pink, cotton-knit fabric. Lovegood lovers can also enjoy the collection’s ruffled, button-down dress in a pastel Ravenclaw blue, complete with all of Luna’s knickknacks from her stolen sneakers to her quibbler.

Luna Lovegood Flannel, Honeydukes Overalls, and Hermoine Flannel | Source: Cakeworthy

Hermoine’s flannel features the saying “It’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules” against a hot pink plaid background, inspired by the colors of her unforgettable Yule Ball gown. The flannel also features white, embroidered details of Hermione’s wand in the top right pocket and her time-turner on the left collar. Luna’s flannel features a more subdued, pastel color scheme, with the quote “Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am” written on the back. Similar to Hermoine’s, the Luna flannel includes her embroidered wand in the top right pocket, albeit with a pair of her Spectrespecs on the collar.

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The rest of the collection features items for Potterheads with an unrelenting sweet tooth. Inspired by iconic sweets from the Wizarding World, the Every Flavor Bean Button Up Dress and the Honeydukes Overalls come printed with repeating patterns of magical candies. The former features a bean-boozled, rainbow mix of the jelly beans that Harry first enjoys on the Hogwarts Express, with the flavor penciled over each candy. The latter features various goodies from Hogsmeade’s Honeydukes shop, including chocolate frogs, colorful sugar quills, and jelly slugs. Fans can pair these styles with the collection’s equally sugary Cauldron Cakes Ruffle Tote, which features the Qizilbash Quality Confectionery logo against a light pink, ruffled border.

The Cakeworthy x Harry Potter collection is available for preorder now at, with apparel sizes running from XS-4XL and prices ranging from $24.50-54.95.

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