The new phone cases are sure to make your phone pop! | Source: Casetify

Barbie may not have an iPhone, but if she did, we know she’d put it in one of the newest phone cases from Casetify

In the brand’s first collaboration with iconic toy company Mattel, Casetify is bringing the pink for a new collection of Barbie-themed phone and tech accessories. 

The new cases are bright and bold, just like Barbie herself. There are fun designs that go beyond the traditional phone case shape, including a case that looks like an actual Barbie doll bag, one designed to look like a camera, one that is shaped like a high-heeled shoe, and even a boombox case. They all come, of course, in Barbie’s trademark bright pink and feature the signature Barbie logo. 

The full collection includes new designs that are available on Casetify’s Impact, Ultra Impact, Mirror, Bounce, Clear, and Pillow cases. So, whether you prefer a phone case that can handle being dropped a lot or one that is clear enough to see the back of your phone through, this collection has an option for you. There’s also a new case type debuting with this collection: the PIn’It Case, which you can attach Barbie charms to. 

The Barbie designs will be available for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel phones. As with most Casetify collaborations, there are also some non-phone accessories, including AirPods cases, MagSafe wallets, Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, and Macbook and iPad cases. 

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This collection will launch on Dec. 15, with priority access earlier for those who sign up on the Casetify website. Head over to Casetify’s Barbie x Casetify web page to sign up for the waitlist and take a five-question quiz that will give you a chance to win a Barbie phone charm.

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