This is just one style offered by the new Casetify collection. | Source: Casetify.

Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration is in full swing, encouraging fans to embrace and celebrates the traits of royalty… and bringing us tons of great new merch. The latest? A Disney Princess collection from Casetify.

This latest Casetify collaboration honors six iconic Disney princesses — Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, and Tiana — with various phone cases and different tech accessories, such as Airpod cases and beaded phone straps, all featuring the characters and their iconic color schemes. Two new phone case designs are debuting in this collection: the Glitter Impact Case and the Ultra Compostable Case, adding to Casetify’s sustainable offerings.

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Fans can choose from a variety of phone case designs inspired by their favorite princess. For example, there are cases featuring each princess in one of her most well-known outfits, surrounded by icons relating to them (pictured top) — Belle is surrounded by roses, Ariel is paired with seashells, Mulan is posed in the center of cherry blossoms, etc. You can also choose to customize the name printed at the bottom of the case. Label the pictured princess, or add to the magic by putting your own name!

The mirror style is available for Mulan, Belle, and Cinderella. | Source: Casetify.

There are also Princess Pocket Mirror phone case designs for some of the characters. Like Mulan, you can look at your own reflection to reveal the special princess qualities inside you, thanks to the mirror on the back of these cases. Each mirror has the princess’ name signed in cursive at the bottom, alongside and an emblem related to the heroine, such as Cinderella’s glass slipper or a golden rose for Belle.

The sidekick style is offered for Belle, Ariel, Mulan, and Cinderella. | Source: Casetify.

This collection even honors some funny sidekicks who help these princesses during their journeys. These clear phone cases are decorated with characters including Flounder and Sebastian, Mushu, Lumiere and Cogsworth, and more!

The sticker design is available for every princess and comes in vibrant colors. | Source: Casetify.

Finally, there are clear phone cases decorated with stickers related to each princess’ movie. For example, Princess Tiana’s case has some images of her and frog Naveen surrounded by lilypads, trumpets, swamp flowers, and yummy New Orleans food. Cinderella’s case features some of her mouse friends, the castle, her carriage, a clock striking midnight, and more.

All of these cases fit a variety of phone sizes and will be available for $35-75. The full “Be Your Own Princess” collection launches on July 29, but eager Disney fans can sign up now for the waitlist to get priority access. Fans can also enter a giveaway on the Casetify website for a chance to win a VIP gift set of accessories featuring their favorite princess.

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