Catawiki is calling all Pokémon superfine! | Source: Catawiki

As much as we love our fandoms, they rarely pay the bills — that is, until now. 

Catawiki, an online marketplace for collectibles and other valuables, is looking to hire an in-house Pokémon expert. In the job, you’ll get to put together Pokémon auctions with unique trading cards by engaging with the biggest Pokémon collectors, going to trade shows, and, of course, getting trainers excited about your auctions and collections! To sweeten the deal, the job is fully remote — so trainers from all over the world can apply!

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Catawiki also organizes collections and auctions for iconic brands including LEGO, Nintendo, and Panini and product categories including art, jewelry, and more. If Pokémon isn’t your strongest area of expertise, fear not! Catawiki is also hiring experts in sneakers, streetwear, euro coins, dinky toys, and comics.  

This job listing is the first like it in the world, so you can put “First official Pokémon expert collector” on your resume. Check out the job listing at to see if being a resident Pokémon expert is your dream career (It definitely is).

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