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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was originally supposed to be a Riverdale spinoff on The CW, which makes sense since Sabrina was a character introduced in Archie comics in 1962. There were whispers that the new show would be introduced via a crossover episode, like the way The Vampire Diaries did with The Originals.

The set up was all there, with Riverdale’s mysterious neighboring town on the other side of Sweetwater River called Greendale, which is where Sabrina Spellman is from. There were plenty of witchy easter eggs thrown into Riverdale as well, such as the magical deer in Greendale and the “witching hour” at Thorn Hill.

But plans changed after Netflix swooped in and picked up the show instead, and a trailer just dropped that makes us want to break out the spider web décor and welcome Halloween season with open arms.

The cinematography looks super dark and moody like Riverdale, which is to no surprise since both shows share the same executive producers. Except the Sabrina trailer has even more spooky vibes featuring a mortuary, full moons, black magic, some kind of giant satanic goat man, and Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka.

Netflix will release the first season on October 26, just in time for everyone to dress up as Sabrina this Halloween.

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