The Happiest Party Kits include a hoodie and more! | Source: Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! is celebrating 60 years of cookie-making with giveaways, collaborations, merch, and more!

The Chips Ahoy! Happiest Birthday Celebration sweepstakes has the ultimate party experience for some lucky winners. Two grand prize winners and their friends can take to the ocean for the full experience aboard a Chips Ahoy! yacht. They’ll spend the day enjoying mocktails, floating in the pool, and — of course — eating tons of Chips Ahoy! goodies. Even if you’re not a grand prize winner, the celebration still has something for 300 others who will get Happiest Party Kits with everything needed for a huge birthday bash. 

With tons of goodies for the perfect party, share your own birthday celebration with Chips Ahoy! this year! | Source: Chips Ahoy!

The kits come with a disposable camera, wireless Bluetooth speakers, six birthday candles, chocolate chip cookie confetti, and an exclusive hoodie designed by Vandy the Pink. The gray hoodie features a huge chocolate chip cookie design on the back, making it clear to the world what snack will win you over. Luckily winning the giveaway isn’t required to get this Chips Ahoy! party going. In collaboration with NTWRK, Chips Ahoy! will also be selling the Happiest Birthday Party Kits starting on April 7. These limited-edition kits will be available for $60 at the NTWRK store.

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Excited cookie lovers can enter the sweepstakes daily over at Get your entry in, keep your fingers crossed, and be ready to grab a Party Kit even if you aren’t a winner! With a hoodie too sweet to resist and other branded goodies, cookie superfans won’t want to miss it.

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