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While I love looking at Chris Pratt on screen doing basically anything, I’d much rather see some more Bryce Dallas Howard being a boss lady—ja feel?

Let’s be honest, Jurassic World, released in 2015, was an exceptional film, yet wasn’t the most female-friendly and received a proper roasting from critics accusing it of sexism. (ICYMI, Claire Deading, played by Howard, was wearing heels throughout the whole movie while being chased around by enormous hybrid dinos?!!).

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, coming out later this month, is going to be a little different. This sequel, directed by J.A. Bayon, will put more of a focus on Claire Dearing and give her a more central role in the plot.

“For me, it was (a) natural thing to give more to the character of Claire because all my movies, I always had a female character in the center. So, for me it was the most natural thing to do, focus on Claire at the same level that Owen [Chris Pratt].” Bayon told Den of Geek. “Sometimes, just replacing the lead character for a woman instead of a man, suddenly the story gets better,” he added.

Yeah bruh, agreed. Now, let’s get her a pair of hiking boots, shall we?

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