Items from the Clueless collection | Source: Dumbgood

The only thing your yellow-blazer ensemble is missing is a Cher Horowitz T-shirt.

Luckily, the Clueless capsule collection from Dumbgood has you covered. It captures the spirit of the iconic ‘90s teen movie with shirts, hoodies, tote bags, hats, and more accessories that feature moments from the film. (If only we had Cher’s closet software to help us pick out which ones to wear!)

A button-down shirt and Cher Horowitz T-shirt | Source: Dumbgood/the Pop Insider

Most items feature shots from the film — and that means some totally fashionable looks. Fans can pickup T-shirts with Cher flying solo in her red dress, chatting on the phone (that giant thing they called a phone in 1995), or together with her gal pals.

Two tops feature Cher in her aforementioned yellow ensemble, alongside Tai and Dionne in their fashion-forward looks and with the Dumbgood logo underneath. Tai, Dionne, and Amber all get their space in the limelight, each featured solo on T-shirts and/or sweatshirts. The whole Clueless gang blesses both short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, too. And, yes, that does include a never-aging Paul Rudd.

Fans can also find a number of items with the film’s colorful logo, including an AirPod case that brings the ‘90s and ‘20s together, a button-down shirt, and hats.

Dumbgood specializes in collections that include anything your ‘90s or ‘80s-kid heart could dream of. Fans can also find apparel inspired by Blue’s Clues, Mean Girls, Seinfeld, and more. Think we’ll ever have enough? As if.

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