Once upon a time, Coleco introduced its mini arcade machine line and offered folks another way to play their favorite arcade games without leaving the house.  Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, and more classics, could be played on virtually any flat surface, while still delivering players that same joystick toggling, button smashing experience ?.

Get hyped because it’s comeback time for Coleco! For the first time in more than 35 years, they’re back with two new mini arcade machines: Robotech and Rainbow Bright, which are available for preorder now on Kickstarter!

These new machines preserve the classic shape and heavy-duty plastic shell construction y’all may remember from the ’80s (or when you bought it at garage sale in the 2000s, you millennials you) with updated technology inside to create a modern arcade gaming experience. Read as: Goodbye 8-bit screens, and bulky C batteries.

Each mini arcade features a full-color LCD Display, a powerful new gaming chip set, revamped joystick and accurate action buttons, a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack, and a highly-detailed, colorful Rainbow Brite or Robotech art wrap. These updated classics are perfect for every retro gamer, ditching the old-school tech while retaining the nostalgic factor we crave so deeply.

With 22 days to go, Coleco has already surpassed its $30,000 Kickstarter goal, with more than 645 backers pledging more than $64,000. The need for these games is clearly real. Backers can choose from single packs of each game, a two-pack featuring both, or even limited-edition metallic versions for a pretty—but worth it—penny. If Coleco raises more than $180,000, a surprise reward tier will unlock—a new game, perhaps? Fingers crossed on Pac-Man.

The Rainbow Brite and Robotech Coleco Evolved Mini Arcades are available for pre-order for $55 each, or $105 for both. The MSRP for each mini arcade is $69. #Dope!

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