Crunchyroll Loves Godzilla Collection sweatshirt | Source: Crunchyroll

*Roars in Happiness*

Crunchyroll has partnered up with Toho International (again!) for the first 2021 installment of its Crunchyroll Loves apparel collections. This capsule collection is based on everyone’s favorite kaiju, Godzilla. Following the popularity of last summer’s Godzilla Crunchyroll Loves collection, Crunchyroll is offering 14 new, limited-edition items.

The new streetwear collection features the king of monsters and his “frenemies” on three hoodies ($54.95), one sweatshirt ($49.95), three long-sleeve T-shirts ($29.95), and three short-sleeve T-shirts ($24.95). There will also be a 45-inch-by-60-inch fleece throw blanket ($35.00) for sale. Each shirt includes a square image of Godzilla in action, taking on a city or another kaiju.

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For the first time, Crunchyroll Loves is going beyond apparel, also releasing a slew of new collectibles as part of this drop. Godzilla: Cover Compendium ($29.95) is an 80-page art book highlighting multiple comic series featuring Godzilla and friends. The book will boast colorful and epic works of art featuring your favorite monsters.

Crunchyroll Loves Godzilla Collection vinyl figure | Source: Crunchyroll

The company is collaborating with Medicom, too, offering three multi-color, soft vinyl figures ($29.99 each) of a sleeping Godzilla with his head in his hand. If that’s too cute for your collection, there is also a 7.87-inch Bandai Spirits Ichibansho Godzilla Vs. Kong Godzilla PVC figure ($75.00).

Don’t be a sleepy Godzilla on this one — Preorders for this collection are only open until March 8. After that, the sales come to an apocalyptic end, so check out what Crunchyroll Loves has to offer before the release of Godzilla Vs. Kong!

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